Unifi AP AC PRO - cant open?

So, im looking for a link for instructions on flashing OpenWRT on this Unifi AP AC PRO.
Im hoping this is doable via TFTP as it does not look like the device can be opened, there are no screws and it appears to be one complete mould.


Here you go: OpenWrt on UniFi AP AC (family)

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Yes its an ac-lite but they all similar snap together. the Pro is just bit bigger.


plastic spudger all around the rim will separate it into a pair of saucers. But try flashing via the wiki first.

These are flashable to OpenWRT but I keep my AC-Lite on ubiquity firmware and just run a docker container with the ubiquity software. Just another option to consider.

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Yea thanks got it flashed via TFTP method way easier.

Looks like a biatch to open

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