Unifi AP AC Pro can be mounted on U6+ brackets

This might be well known, but it was completely new to me and quite surprising.

While playing with my new U6+ I had to take down one of my old Unifi AP AC Pro's from it's wall mount. And I noticed that it had a smaller ring on the back in addition to the large one fitting its original mounting bracket. So I tried the U6+ bracket on it and it was a perfect fit!

The UAP AC Pro was bought in 2016 (this is the old one with a "silver" logo instead of the newer grey one). The U6+ was bought on Friday...

I guess they originally made the UAP AC Pro compatible with the nanoHD mount (unverified assumtion), and therefore also the newer U6 Lite and U6+

not likely, although maybe the other way around... the NanoHD didn't come out until 2018.

Right. Was there a similar sized device before that?

They could of course have planned ahead for an upcoming NanoHD, but that would be impressive detail planning of future hardware. The bracket fits so perfectly, with correctly sized slots for all five tabs including the locking tab. And it seems possble to unlock it too, despite the short locking tab, since they've placed it inside the cable cavity. You can use a screwdriver through the cable slot to reach the tab. There has obviously been a lot of thought behind this design. And it doesn't leave mcuh room for later bracket modifications, so they must have known what the smaller dishes would look like.

Actually strange that they didnt just go for the small brakcet as default. Or even only one supported. Doesn't seem like the larger bracket has any advantages.