UniFi AC Mesh Pro Help

hello guys i was using an altai c1n with openwrt firmware that worked well 29dbm

now im switching to UniFi AC Mesh Pr have anyone used open wrt on a unifi and how much dbm will i get because i read in the pdf it reaches 36 dbm and because of country restrictions in ubnt firmware i only get 22 dbm my question is will i get the max dbm if i upgraded to openwrt and is it easy or should i use tftp and ttl usb
thank you

there is ToH: https://openwrt.org/toh with all supported device, you could start from there.

Not really what he asked about, though ...

that's about installation, is not it? so my answer relevant i guess. but if not feel free to ignore it.

yep i already know how to flash it i just wanna make sure that it will not brick on me ahahah

Yes and no, but he was wondering whether openwrt would permit higher radio power, than what's allowed by the stock fw, if not, I would assume he wouldn't do it...

These are relatively easy to install OpenWrt with the procedure on the device page, and very easy to return to stock with Uibquiti's standard TFTP recovery procedure. So I'd suggest trying OpenWrt to see if it meets your needs. OpenWrt is intended to follow country power limits.


ah so its okay thank you mk24 appricate it mate

Ubiquiti has released a new series of UniFi APs supporting AC in Q4/2015 and two similar devices under the “Mesh” label in 2017.

  • UniFi AP AC Lite

  • UniFi AC Mesh (indoor/outdoor)

  • UniFi AP AC Pro

  • UniFi AC Mesh Pro (indoor/outdoor)

  • UniFi AP AC LR (Long Range)

  • UniFi AP AC EDU

  • UniFi AP AC IW (In Wall)

  • UniFi AP AC IW Pro

From what is known of the official firmware releases, these devices use the same platform.

:!: The very first UAP-AC models, now called “Gen1,” used a Broadcom ac chipset and are not supported by OpenWrt. Those models include:

  • UniFi AP AC Gen1 (square case, indoor wall or ceiling mount) – NOT SUPPORTED

  • UniFi AP AC Outdoor (rectangular case with internal antennas, outdoor mount, two GbE ports, single LED on front) – NOT SUPPORTED

:!: For OpenWrt/LEDE on the Unifi AP AC Pro/Mesh Pro, LAN and WAN port assignment is “unexpected.” LAN is on the port labeled “Secondary”, whereas the port labeled “Main” is WAN.

Is there a question here? The main point is that after flashing an AC Mesh Pro, you will need to hook up your PC to the "Secondary" port using another Ethernet cable in order to log in. The "Main" port needs to stay connected to a source of PoE, but it won't have any data.

ok i used tftp to update the firmware now i logged to the device using ssh but it still unifi not openwrt and i have ping from is there something i can do before i brick it or something

OpenWrt cannot be installed by TFTP. Read the rest of the page that you quoted.

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ok i will use scp and follow the reste of the page

hello i have managed to install open wrt on uap ac mesh pro i got 30 dbm on 5 ghz all good but when i get to the 2.4 mhz the max i got is 23 dbm i tried changing the country but northing anyone have any idea wich country got the max dbm for 2.4 mhz im in the middle of nowhere so please i know about regulations no one care in my country thank you

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