Unifi ac mesh and unifi ac lite question

hi there when i work with my network i use unifi ac lite in some area i flashed it with openwrt i need to work with 5ghz for link between it and other unifi ac mesh but the 5ghz was disable in ac lite so re flashed it with sysupgrade commend and flashed it with unifi ac mesh firmware and its work fine , is there any problem if i use unifi ac mesh firmware with unifi ac lite

other Q i see some different in wireless configuration between mesh firmware and ac lite

like this configuration file

 config wifi-iface
         option device   radio1
         option network  lan
         option mode     ap
         option ssid     SKYWAVE
         option encryption none

as i know after each "option" thers ( ' ' ) why in ac lite didnt see it , but in mesh i see it .

As far as I know, if the string doesn't contain white space or other non-alphanumeric characters, the quotes are "optional".