Unfi AP AC LR: VLAN support

How can I configure VLAN on my Unifi AP AC LR?

My "main router" is a TP Link DL-WRT1043ND with LEDE. VLAN support works fine there. I do not want to use wireless with this device but I want to use the Unfi device above to provide wireless.

I want to setup a Guest network. According to this page (openwrt.org: 'Configure a guest WLAN'
: section 'Multiple network devices')
this can be done using VLAN only.
According to this page (lede-project.org: 'Techdata: Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR') Unfi AP AC LR does support VLAN.

In the Web interface of the Unifi AP the switch section is missing.

How can I configure VLAN on my Unifi AP AC LR?

Hi, did you figured out some solution? I have the same issue now. I have flashed my Unfi AP AC LR with last openwrt (OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.228.31946-f64b152) ) and missing switch settings for VLAN settings.
My main router is apu2 with opnsense and trunking VLAN to my first AP (TP-Link 1043D, works fine here).
How can I setup my VLAN in Unfi AP AC LR?

Hi, the good news is, that it does work here.

Unfortunately I cannot provide a detailed howto now.

If I remember correctly the trick is: When adding a new "Interface" under "Network" -> "Interfaces" you need to chose "custom interface" in the drop-down menue of "Cover the following interface" and type "eth0.5" for instance (VLAN 5 is my guest network).

Then under "Network" -> "Wireless":
Afterwards you can link a wireless network to the new interface.

This does more or less (in)directly link a wireless notwork to a VLAN.

ok, thank you, I figured it out too, but I was not sure, if it enough to get vlan working on it.
gonna try it at home. :smiley:

wow, works out of the box, grazie!!