Under $10? Super cheap router options

Cheapest router rec thread is pretty out of date, many recs are unavailable and Mi 4C and 4A are no longer options. Does anyone else have recommendations for current super cheap chinese routers? I only need to create a very basic VPN server. Thanks!

Some manufacturers sell returned items online as refurbished. Typically, they have been flashed to the latest factory firmware. An example is Trendnet
I was able to get a TEW-810 this way.

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the suggestions will probably vary based on your location....
which is uknown.

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Preference to chinese devices on AliExpress as I want to get it delivered to Thailand.

not sure if device + openwrt <= $10 adds up though ...

If having your own vpn server is worth no more to you than $10, is it worth bothering?
Up your budget to $30 and you will find numerous routers that will efficiently run a Wireguard server for you at dsl type speeds.
Just saying....

It's for such occasional use, I already have one at home running a wireguard server and made out of an old Netgear WN3000RPv1 - it does the job, but only barely. Still more than good enough for my needs.

I bought a Mi 4C for $5 a couple of years ago, but they no longer work. So I was really just looking for a solution at the same technical/monetary level. But if there's something I can easily have delivered to Thailand (so preferably from China with AliExpress or the like) then I can go up around $20. Thanks.

There are a couple of Comfast routers, which run their own version of OpenWRT anyway. These aren't listed on the supported list (there are many Comfast routers on the supported list, but most (and all low end) are no longer in production). What are the chances of getting either of these up and running?


One seller even advertises the Comfast CF-WR613N-V1 as an OpenWRT router...

Depends on what's inside those devices...

It probably runs openwrt, most routers, APs, etc, do, just not the official one.

Have a look at Joowin, they make cheap(ish) Comfast clones.

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I'm stopping searching as I ahven't really found what I was looking for. I will probably just use my old Mi 4C, I knew I should have bought a few of those when I found them at $5 a piece.

Here is the best I have found in case anyone else is interested:

$14 - Xiaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200 RA75 (needs a basic solder)

$24 - Comfast CF-WR758AC V2

Bonus, if anyone wants to have a craic at it, only $8 for a Comfast CF-WR613N