Unbrick TP-WA855RE



My repeater TP-WA855RE does not work anymore. I installed Openwrt on it and wanted to go back to the original firmware. Now it does not work anymore.

Can you help me please ?

Note: if someone speaks French ...

Thank you in advance.

Can you explain better when you say that it doesn't work anymore? Do the LEDs light up when you plug in the power?
Did it suddenly stop working or did it stop working after trying to roll back to the original firmware?


Thank you for responding so quickly.

The power LED is solid green. It flashes every 5 seconds.

Actually, it stopped working as tantalizing to return to the original firmware ... :frowning:

Is it possible to fix it?

Well if it still alive, there is hope. :slight_smile:

Can you assign static IP on your PC and try to ping the router? Use and try to ping which is the default Openwrt IP.
If you had assigned a different IP, assign to PC accordingly and try to ping it.
If you remember the default IP that the original firmware had, also try that one.

It reassures me ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can send the request ( !

It's a good sign, right ?


Yes, try to login now with SSH, user root and your password.
Should you be able to login and see the Openwrt welcome screen, enter the command firstboot to restore factory defaults, reboot and try once again to upgrade the original firmware.

This does not work. The repeater connects and disconnects all seconds (logo Ethernet cable to the bottom left in Windows).

I cannot find much information about this device. From one hand it is discontinued and from the other hand it has low specs so it will not have much of support.

Try generic methods for upgrading with TFTP during boot, in case you get lucky.