Unbrick TP-Link Archer C7 V1

Hello Community,

it seems that I've bricked my TP-Link Archer C7 V1 because I accitendtly interrupted the flashing process with OpenWRT. I followed the "TFTP Recovery (De-Bricking)" section of this guide to debrick the firmware, but from what I see using "sudo tcpdum -ni enp8s0 udp", the bootloader loads the "ArcherC7v1_tp_recovery.bin", then the router restarts and the bootloader loads the image again in a loop for hours until I stop the process. So i guess the following problem occures, described in the link I posted above:


I don't have any cables for a serial connection (nor the know-how to do it) and I don't know how to build an image with the overriden header values. Could someone maybe build that image for me how it it described in the blog? Or help me doing it?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Tummetott,

I have an Archer C7 too but the v2 build.
I was in the same situation one time and I remember that I have successfully restored my router by selecting a particular version of the "webrevert" file because there was inside a specific version of the bootloader.

Maybe you have to try another file?

By chance, do you have tried by using the "webrevert" file provided on the dd-wrt forums or here:

I just managed to unbrick my C7 V4 by using tftpd to flash the openwrt factory bin and then flash the sysupgrade bin file. It's the only thing that would work for me.

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