Unbreaking Xiaomi AX9000


I wanted to install OpenWRT on my Xiaomi AX9000.
During the process, there was a power outage.

My router is bricked.
LAN, WIFI and reset button not working

serial communication loops this bootlog

I can't stop the loop with Ctrl+C

I would be eternally grateful if you could provide me with a solution.

As it doesn't even reach u-boot, chances are grim - and NAND precludes the easier methods of out-of-circuit reflashing. The question would be (not that it matter that much at this stage), what exactly (which step) were you doing when the power went out?

I haven‘t seen someone to debrick a Xiaomi AX9000. Don‘t waste time go buy a new one.

Thank you for your answers.
I had little hope of success.
I was modifying the partition table if I'm not talking nonsense.

Thank you