Unbound is not forwarding to TLS DNS servers

Hello all,

I've been trying this tutorial for a while but I couldn't make it work.
Everytime I put forward-ssl-upstream: yes or any 853 server in/etc/unbound/unbound_ext.conf, dns stops to work.
Is there any config that should I do more?

I'm using odhcp and unblock works fine using any forward without TLS.
unbound-control is installed.

Works flawlessly here, please post your /etc/unbound/unbound_srv.conf and /etc/unbound/unbound_ext.conf.

See the guide I just posted a day or so ago - it will work - read through the entire guide first - I have documented and explained everything in depth and at length- see link here :slight_smile:

Adding DNS-Over-TLS support to OpenWrt (LEDE) with Unbound

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