Unbound can't set port to 53535 defaults to 53

in file /usr/lib64/unbound/unbound.sh

Maybe -gt in second test(10240 -lt "$UNBOUND_N_RX_PORT" ] )

  if [ "$UNBOUND_N_RX_PORT" -ne 53 ] \
  && [ "$UNBOUND_N_RX_PORT" -lt 1024 -o 10240 -lt "$UNBOUND_N_RX_PORT" ] ; then
    logger -t unbound -s "privileged port or in 5 digits, using default"

Use 1053, 2053, or so on. Client connections with random ports and NAT expect to use 5 digit ports librally, so that range is trimmed from the allowed UCI. UCI/LuCI is intended to be available for less experienced users, and should try to avoid some hard to troubleshoot issues like port overlap.

If another client app or NAT already used 53535 and Unbound (re)starts with that configured value, then it will terminate because it cannot obtain the resource. Procd will report failed 6 crashes.

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