Unable to use WDS bridge after upgrading from 21.02.3 to 22.03

I am using a EA8500 as a repeater and a WRT1900ACSv2 as the main wireless router. Both are running 21.02.3. The WRT1900ACSv2 is running in Access Point (WDS) mode on both 2GHz and 5GHz radios. The EA8500 is running in Client (WDS) mode and Access Point mode on the 5GHz radio. The solution is stable and works perfectly.

But when upgrading the WRT1900ACSv2 to 22.03, the EA8500 repeater will no longer associate. I tried upgrading the EA8500 to 22.03 as well to no avail. I am unable to have the Client (WDS) associate with the Access Point (WDS). Falling back to 21.02.3 solves the issue.