Unable to use internet on LAN interface

Hi All,
I need help.
I had TP-Link 940N v6 flashed to OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10631-1284067 / LuCI Master (git-19.211.64022-e6f30bb)

My wan interface is connected b

but my SSID and Lan aren't able to get internet access.

and if you disable the wireguard VPN ?

I have disbaled but the LAN was able to connect before it. WIFI is still not.

It's probably not an wifi issue, since the 1st screen shot indicates there is/was a device connected.

I'd guess there's something wrong with your IP(s), but since Windows is unable to connect to the
canary domain, it flags the wifi as down.

Is the 940N your primary router ?

The lan interface doesn't seem to belong to lan firewall zone (it would have green colour).
Also the dhcp protocol for the lan interface is suspicious.


I have deleted the Wireguard interface, seems everything is working now. Any help in creating a wireguard server on tplink WR940N?