Unable to set VLAN

I can't set up VLAN.
My main purpose is to create dual Wan ports and then implement load balancing and failover
Based on some search results, I came to the conclusion: use VLAN to create dual wan ports, and then use mwan3 to achieve load balancing and failover.
But I have a problem setting up the VLAN

应用更改后 90 秒内无法访问该设备,稳妥起见,该配置被回滚。如果您仍然认为更改的配置是正确

My device:
Redmi AX6000(device page)
My operation:
Add the wan port to the bridge device br-lan (the other three network ports lan2 lan3 lan4 are already in the bridge), and then configure the following content in the br-lan configuration page -> bridge vlan filtering

(The picture is the first piece in the larger picture below)

Save and apply them
Then I got that problem

This is all my configuration in the Network->Interface page

I would be grateful if anyone could help me