Unable to mount decrypted LUKS container, FS specification ignored by mount command

dmesg reports that every time I try to mount a decrypted LUKS container with OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc3, r16172-2aba3e9784 that it can't find the valid F2FS filesystem, of course I'm mounting with mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/Crypt /mnt/mountpoint and yet dmesg reports that issue. Regardless, I've never had to actually specify that I was using an EXT4 partition when just using the mount command on a Linux distro.

I will be attempting to decrypt and mount this on a real computer running a liveUSB later to isolate OpenWRT as troubleshooting step.

Of course I have (I think) all the installed packages (at least according to [OpenWrt Wiki] Disk Encryption,) with the exception of kmod-crypto-iv, which seems to no longer exist in RC3, returning *opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-crypto-iv from opkg. (I don't know if that is making a difference or if this package is no longer necessary?)

PS: I just installed kmod-usb3 (weird, I could have sworn last night opkg either couldn't find kmod-usb3 or reported that it was already in base). I will report back if anything changes, but I've been having issues getting anything externally attached via USB to share on NFS, which is how I actually discovered this. There's a person on GitHub reporting similar behavior as what my NFS is whom is also using the latest rc3.

I personally don't think that these issues are specific to my apparently not having kmod-usb3 installed, as some drives I used and tried to mount were USB2 drives plugged into USB2 ports. They are all still reporting via dmesg that an F2FS partition could not be found, even though I explicitly specified ext4 (or in this other case it was actually exfat (again, yes I had the FS kmod packages installed). Same deal. So I get this same dmesg error whether or not I'm starting nfsd or just trying to use the mount command.

I will continue to troubleshoot and report back any changes.

edit #1: I think I'm getting somewhere, but maybe I'm not supposed to use the ext4 when mounting an LVM-under-LUKS partition? Can anyone give me any pointers here?

(PS. how does this forum feel about combining issues (NFS and LUKS in this case) into one topic? Is that preferred here vs starting two topics?)

Do you mean LVM over LUKS, perhaps? What does the LUKS volume contains exactly? An ext4 filesystem, or a LVM physical volume?