Unable to install Samba server

I've just upgraded to the latest snapshot and ran opkg install samba36-server after running opkg update but it says that the package is not found!

I can't find it via the lucy interface either.

What am I doing wrong?


According to this, it doesn't seem to be available for your architecture. To double check, go here, find your device, go to it's tech/data page and click on it's package architecture, once there click on Download Packages and then packages, that's the full list of packages for your architecture, if it's not there it's just not available unfortunately.

But it was available just under 10 days ago when I updated to the latest snapshot at the time and I've been using it just fine ever since I installed LEDE on my router!

I should have used search instead of relying on my eyes, your package architecture is there, but samba isn't currently included in the build, you might wait a day or two and it will most likely return.