Unable to install OpenWrt on Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Giga Version

Hello everyone,
I allow myself to post here because I can't install OpenWRT on my MI Router 4A Giga Version.

I tested everything version 22.03.2 and 21.02.0 kernel or sysupgrade but as soon as the device reboots, it flashes orange and I don't have access in SSH, or TELNET or even HTTP on

Could you help me ?


J4 should get you further.

What do you mean by J4 ?

The serial console is at J4, under the (Pb) label.

I would advise you get back to stock firmware if you can. There is a howto in the link below. Then run the openwrt invations script and follow its instructions. It works straight off the bat. Admittedly I run linux on my desktop but I believe the script will work on Windows desktop. However, if you are using Windows desktop my advice would be download virtualbox and install a linux desktop such as Ubuntu or Debian. Configure the linux VM to bridge the Windows network adapter (do not NAT) so your linux VM is exposed over the LAN and can serve DNSMASQ services and the 4A can connect to NETCAT reverse shell running on your linux VM. Download openwrt invasion and run the script and follow the instructions in the link below. Note: make sure the 4A is connected to the internet (i.e. it's wan port is plugged into your current router and can access the internet).

4A giga have 2 versions: V1 and V2, hardware is a little bit different.
If you got a V2, please refer: