Unable to host php filemanager for router attached USB drive

I am trying to host file manager but not able to do it
I have installed PHP in my openwrt and simple Hello World! index.php working fine.

with file manager (tinyfilemanager) I am getting 500 internal server, I have tried many, every project throwing different different errors, can anyone suggest which we can use.

I have tried below, you also can suggest if any working for you

Your help will make my day.

is the router the NAS, or is the NAS another device ?

NAS connected with router using its usb port

doesn't the NAS have a network interface of it's own ?

No, its just a usb hard drive

Then it's not a NAS.

NAS = Network-attached Storage

isn't winscp enough to manage the files on the drive ?

Yes, i can but it's not possible through Android/iPhone

there are scp client apps, for both platforms.

Also I want to expose local url over internet so my friends can download movies

that's not very secure, expose ssh instead, and let them use a scp client too.
using VPN would be even smarter.

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Yes, i am using cloudflair and i just want to expose my network drive specific folder where we friends can upload/download movies

You don't need 3rd party libraries to upload and download files.

Download: Enable auto indexing on the usb drive folder, then click the file you want to download.... don't even need php.

Upload: A very simple php script is all you need.
For example: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp


You cannot do inbound connections on this VPN, so I'm not sure what this statement means.