Unable to get DHCP address on WAN

I purchaed a pre flashed homehub on ebay.
I can log in activate wifi etc.
When i switch the WAN from DSL to DHCP Client via drop down the internet doesnt reach the wifi clients.
In fact on the WAN port connection details it doenst look like any traffic is passing to or from.

What have i missed?

How is the homehub connected to the internet?

Thanks for your swift response
There is a main router giving out DHCP 192.168.8.x address to which the lede router has an ethernet cable from here to the WAN port of the HomeHub. Lede routers ip range 192.168.1.x

The WAN interface should have the protocol set to DHCP Client.

But, do you get an IP address on the homehub at all?