Unable to change firmware on WR841N

I posted 15 days ago but no one responded:

I'm guessing maybe it has to do with the fact that I flashed a v9 firmware onto a v11 device.

Does anyone have any idea as to why I can't flash any new firmware and / or any steps I can take to attempt to fix it?

I was getting similar behaviour when I was doing a sysupgrade with the image written on flash storage.

Sysupgrade wants the upgrade image in /tmp (ramdisk), as when it unmounts the flash to do the upgrade it won't be able to read anything from flash.

If this isn't your case, can you please post all commands you used?


sysupgrade -n /tmp/firmware.bin

Thank you! I didn't understand that /tmp was ramdisk.

This command worked:

sysupgrade -F /tmp/firmware.bin