Ultimate fight against bufferbloat!

I have used SQM with cake . ( and yes it worked ! )

But is there something more I can do to fight bufferbloat and giving the games the absolute priority ?

Something more to take the fight against bufferbloat to the next level ?

Have you seen this thread ? There are a few more threads like that if you search the forum.

I think you need to jump into this thread. Gamers are drooling over the possibilities.

Thank you all for your replies.

However after checking these threads and others , I noticed those topics having some issues.

For example:
1- Getting out the topic some times
2- not really step by step explanation for beginners who want to do it .
3- hard to check that so many replies with a lot of not useful replies not talking about the real topic .
4- not showing the result after doing their method ( real comparison against normal SQM cake ) which is the real point we want to see .
5- how their method is affecting other connections .

If you guys have tested something please let me know which one and the results you get .

I want this thread to be only the thing we are all here for .

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Trying to deliver a clear command to your openwrt device....

That “ latency “ and “ No spikes “ is top 1 priority at all cost as much as possible, point.

That's what Help prioritizing games with alternative qdisc design is all about. But it's a thread about experimentation and development of a method. If you just want to know what's the answer, you'll have to check back once we've found it :wink:

Mean time, if you go to the github https://github.com/dlakelan/routerperf it has instructions how to try it out in the README, so if you try it and want to jump into the main thread and provide

we would be happy to see your experimental data.

In particular I'm sure @moeller0 would like to see systematic comparisons between SQM and the script we develop in that thread.

Also, unfortunately while we can show the objective reality of how fast the packets go through... it turns out that isn't necessarily the same thing as smooth game play. People find better more playable games with moderate controlled lag and jitter for some games

I am lost after step one, which is login to openwrt.

Did anyone do a video about it ? or is there a guide on how to understand these steps ( the commands and the shorcuts like ' cd/etc' ) to know what you mean ?

I think you should read some of the openwrt wiki and some general book on linux and then come back. Sorry to say if you are at the stage where "login to openwrt" is the barrier you should build up your skills a bit before trying to get involved in a software development and testing effort.


Login to openwrt wasn’t the problem. The problem was after this step ....

By the way when you think you will find the answer? As far your testing progress ...

Right now people are reporting very good game play. Check the github for install instructions.

The are no other ways ? Like installing other packages that prioritize gaming ?

To help “ maybe “ SQM to work better ?