uHTTPd and PHP7 rewrite url - remove file extensions

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I know that there are a lot of threads regarding the URL rewrite and I found in one that httpd is very minimal web server.

Since luci is using uhttpd how it achieves the rewrite on the URLs? Is there any special, tricky way to achieve such thing with uhttp and PHP7?

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Are there? I'm not aware of any, at least not relating to uhttpd.

LuCI uhttpd is not rewriting any URLs by itself or any directives as far as I am aware. The only redirects are done using very regular "Location" headers initiated by LuCI's (LUA) templates, otherwise there's no fancy internal rewrites going on. Someone CMIIW.

IMHO: uhttpd is very much purpose-built for LuCI, and it does a fine job at that, but deliberately not very much beyond that. If you're using PHP7, presumably to create a bit more elaborate web offerings, you might as well step up to a more capable httpd. lighttpd comes to mind. Apache might be a big ask, depending on the machine you are running all of this on, but then again you're already handling PHP7.

:stuck_out_tongue: Well Apache with PHP7 looks like Everest to make it work and all of this just to use .htaccess

I just built up an image to give it a try but I am going back and forth for hours now.

Lighttpd is another option which has a rewrite module. I will give it a try

BTW is there any useful guide of how to configure loghttpd for URL rewrite?

What kind of rewrites do you have in mind? Is it just about hiding the .php extension / hiding the path of the PHP script being executed and simply pass the entire path portion of the URL to the script as PATH_INFO ?

Just hide the file .php from the url but remaining the rest for example ?notify=blabla