UDP traffic over proxy

I used this tutorial for transfer TCP traffic over Socks5 proxy:

Now I need to transfer UDP too.

I am using the Redsocks package on OpenWrt and Ever proxy on my mobile.
As I understand it, UDP is not supported. need to solve differently.

Someone can help transfer UDP traffic over VPN please.

Use socksd (danted) socks5 as it supports udp as well

I am running sock5 on my phone. I was not able found sockd for android.
I found sockd opkg package, but I am not sure how to use it.

Have you read the manual https://www.inet.no/dante/doc/latest/config/server.html ?

Isn't it better to use the TTL changing app?

If you're rooted, change the TTL on OS level.
Or was that only for tethering... Hmmm.

Yep, but I guess I need install it on my android phone. As Dante is proxy server.
I guess my socks5 also support udp...

I am not rooted.
Early I was using easy tether, but time by time it need to restart... I am not sure why... I tried it in different phones... I was not able solve this :slight_smile:

I've tested it successfully with socksdroid

You used sockd as a client?
Can you show me your iptables and sockd config?

Nope. Only server.
Don't have the setup anymore

I do not understand what you are talking about. Because socksdroid is a socks5 server for android...
You need to have a client on the router side to transfer data over socks server....
I am not sure how you used sockd server as a client lol.

For ne socksdroid was the client and sockd server. Have you googled this?

I am sure you do not got what I need to do...

you're right - I've reread OP and realized i'm out of topic - sorry for confusion !

Anyone can help?

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Anyone can help?