UDP multicast through OpenWrt to different hosts

Hi all this is my first question ever on any kind of forun in my entire life, hopefully I won’t mess it up and get your gently help :wink:

I have couple of routers running OpenWrt on it around the globe, I love them and I always try to find an “OpenWrt solution” first when a network issue arises. At the monent I have a project which I want to upgrade a bit and I was thinking about to involve an OpenWrt based device.

Briefly, I have a project working with UHF RFID antennas and rfid cards for employee tracking in a warehouse. The antennas and the host system is on a totally isolated network, every antenna connected directly to a switch, my host system connected to that switch directly. The antennas are sending UDP packets at every card read. The whole system works pretty fine, no packet loss, as there are no any network devices between the antennas and the host.

The host system has a secondary network card connected to the local network/internet (WAN), and to increase redundancy there is a 4G dongle connected with a tinc tunnel to a remote host. This part does not really important regarding my question, just fyi.

To improve redundancy and make the whole system simpler, I’m planning to replace the host system with 1-2 OpenWrt based router. The goal would be to achieve that the UDP packets flown from the antennas, distribute them (multicast?) to few different hosts which will process them.

So for example, antenna send the packet to the router which will distribute it to the designated hosts available on the local (or WAN) network:[ant1] =====>[OpenWrt] ======> & &

For example 4 ports on the router connected as following:
[WAN] - local network, internet, vpn tunnel
[LAN1] switch towards the antennas
[LAN2] host system
[LAN3] host system
[LAN4] host system

Receiving packets on LAN1, distributing them to LAN2-3-4 then forward them to a remote host until a routed host through wan.

(later, between the openwrt router and the antenna switch I planning to put a hub and double the openwrt gateways to increase redundancy more)

Is the above possible? Any suggestions? What should I use? I read some articles about igmpproxy which can done similar for me.
Or any better ideas?

Thank you in advance folks!

global multicast routing across subnets needs a multicast routing protocol (say PIM) ... I am not sure OpenWRT does multicast routing