Uclient, basic auth, bug or not a bug?

wget --username=abcd --password=123456 http://server.com/anyurl

What happens, when using uclients get-implementation, is, that there always will be 2 requests issued:
First one, without credentials,
(server replies 401)
second one incl. credentials.

From https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7617:
"... The server will service the request only if it can validate
the user-id and password for the protection space applying to the
requested resource...."
"Upon receipt of a request for a URI within the protection space that
lacks credentials, the server can reply with a challenge using the
401 (Unauthorized) status code ([RFC7235], Section 3.1) and the
WWW-Authenticate header field ([RFC7235], Section 4.1)."

The effect of uclients implementation is

  • redundant traffic
  • redundant triggering of security measures, server side

But the main question is: Is it a bug, to be fixed, or not ?