Ubus: documentation/specification of the API

Hello everyone, it's me again, the crazy guy with disruptive ideas.

Well, in short, if I want to develop a library (in my case, a pure python library) to make calls, register objects, listen to events, etc in ubus... there is any documentation with the API specification? Or the only way is study the code in C and by reverse analysis of this deduce its operation?

As the "ubus" lib for python is a wrapper with serious limitations (for example, is incompatible with multi-threading), I think that is a nice idea to develop an independent and complete library.

Which kind of socket? Datagram or stream? Which TLVs? ...

Yes, yes, I know. Another dude failed in the past asking for this, but maybe now a new wind blows. A wind of writing the software architectures and definitions. If there is any intention of encouraging new projects of the community to integrate with ubus I think that this should occur.

Any information about this is welcomed.