Uboot hlk-7621n

Could someone send me the u-boot.bin from the hlk-7621n board.

We screwed up and lost the most configured uboot (with USB boot...).
Searching the forum and the internet for a working version, but we were not successful.


if this is the material :

the hlk-7621n is not very expensive and if you can not find it on the forum the best will be to get a second card, to read the spi eprom ...

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We are working with the 7628 boards. And 7621. We lost the u-boot of both modes. We have already ordered the two models, but we live in Brazil, it will take at least 25 days to reach the company.

So I came to ask for the model if anyone has the u-boot of the 7628n or 7621 hlk boards, we'll be grateful.

we look for the u-boot of the hlk 7628 and hlk 7621 boards

mtd0 from hlk-7621 https://we.tl/t-D3fYvwUvyP

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Thank you very much, we were looking for uboot.
Now we need to do hlk7628n

hlk7688 mtd0 is the same as hlk7628

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Friend thank you so much saved our week

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