Ubiquiti Unifi Outdoor+ VLAN & roaming

Hi @ all!

I'm currently using several Unifi Outdoor+ APs with their original firmware, managed by Ubiquiti's software controller on a Debian machine. Each AP has two SSIDs - 1x internal WLAN (for users) on VLAN10 and 1x isolated WLAN for guests on VLAN90. Guests have only access to a pfSense router with it's Captive Portal.

Now I thought of changing the firmware to OpenWRT 18.06 and get rid of Ubiquiti's software controller and firmware.

My questions are:

1.) How to configure the network settings in OpenWRT for both VLANs? I stumbled across several howtos, FAQs, etc. but all of these relate to "normal" routers with several built-in switches of 4 ports or more. I'm uncertain of Ubiquiti's switch configuration.

2.) Is OpenWRT capable of roaming? I have several users who use VOIP clients on their smartphones and must ensure that roaming or seamless handover is working when they move within the building. I didn't found a really good tut or description for that. Some users wrote that it doesn't work on OpenWRT, other users say that it works only on several devices, etc. etc.

Thanks to everyone in advance for their help :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:



If the hardware doesn't have a switch chip then you enter the vlan interface name (for example eth0.90) in the custom interface setting on the physical settings tab.

In the end it was pretty easy. Added custom interfaces eth0.10 and eth0.90 on all 12 APs and it worked just as desired.

Regarding the roaming feature: with wpad installed it also works on all WiFi/VOIP devices, with WPA2 PSK and 802.X (RADIUS).