Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro - Mesh Uplink

Hi - I am trying to mesh two Ubiquity AP Pros as dumb APs (dns/dhcp/fw etc disabled) and utilize the second port on the far AP for a physical connection.

I have the mesh configured and can see the associated station on the closest access point, but can not ping the management vlan10 IP of the far AP or see the device on the other side on the end point vlan 30 that is connected to it, nor can it pull a DHCP lease.

The MESH is running on a bridge created with only ETH0, and I've also tried assigning ETH0 directly.


Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

When the second AP is plugged into the switch, I can use the second LAN port without any issue.

Wifi client/mesh > ethernet is not really supported in OpenWrt. You can do it with relayd, but I don't think it is possible with standard mesh (I'll strike this out if someone knows otherwise so that I don't confuse future readers, but I'm pretty sure that this is not going to work with your current configuration).

I'm not sure exactly how UI does it in their stock firmware (like many solutions, this is likely a lot of custom/proprietary code that kind of hacks the standards), but it is possible if you're running the actual Unifi firmware.

Thanks @psherman !

I'm not stuck on using mesh to get connectivity to the second LAN port. I'll see what other protocols are available that might get a similar result.

Your options are to use relayd, or to encapsulate the VLANs in GRE and send that over the radio. GRE does mean that the wifi will not be suitable for general devices to join -- you need to wrap/unwrap the encapsulation on each end of the link, so you're talking about a PTP or PTMP link here.

Or... run a wire. Wired backhaul will always perform better than wireless, and you get your network+VLANs on the wire for easy connectivity.

Thanks for the relayd breadcrumb Peter! I've tested it and it seems to suit my current requirements.

Thanks again!

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