Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO Unusable in 17.04.5 Onwards


I recently tried upgrading to latest version 18.06.1. The update performs perfectly, however the switch stops sending packets between 2 Ethernet, I made sure that firewall is correctly set up and forwards packets from wan to lan and vice versa. The box itself can connect to internet perfectly, but lan stays without internet.
Additionally, the radio wi-fi is undetected and says that it's not associated, both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz.
If I do upgrade without saving any configs, wifi configuration doesn't even show up.

I went back all the way to 17.04.5 version to check where the issue started occuring. It occurs in every version from 17.04.5 onwards. I rolled back to 17.04.4 for now where the AP box is functioning perfectly.

Any idea what is wrong? The only thing I can see is that some missing register got patched in 17.04.5
e07ee06 ar71xx: QCA956X: add missing register

Did anyone else came across the same issue?

My home setup with zones: https://i.imgur.com/fuqlHR5.png

I have four AC Pros in use as access points, with 18.06.1+. They work fine. Your statements are a bit fuzzy.

When you say 'without internet', are you referring to DNS being broken? Are you able to point e.g.

As for wireless: it's always off by default. Wiping settings/performing a clean flash means no WiFi configuration is in place.

Are they used just as Access points? or they also do routing? Like DHCP leases and everything?
I was talking that there seems no communication between lan and wan, lan couldn't ping beyond to internet, both DNS and direct IP.
Maybe there's just something I did incorrectly, I'll try again sometime this week and report back.

Just as access points. Routing is handled by an APU2.

Mine does Routing as well, maybe that's where the issue is occurring. I'll look further into it. It's basically acting as Wireless router for my wireless devices and PC

But you are able to ping e.g. from your clients? Which is one of Google's DNS servers. That would narrow down the problem a bit (then it would be DNS).

I can ping from the router, but not from the clients, which makes it strange