Ubiquiti UAP-LR: 27 dBm

Have successfully installed OpenWrt on a UAP-LR.

This device (when sold with OEM firmware) supports 27 dBm TX power.

But with OpenWwt, we can only set up to 23dBm.

Any clues on how to get the full 27 dBm?

You should choose Taiwan as the country. there is a limit in other countries.

Is the signal actually weaker or is it merely showing you a different number? For example the original firmware may show the user after antenna gain but OpenWrt is before antenna gain.

Here is the max TX Power I could set with a number of different Countries

  • WORLD 20 dBm
  • SPAIN: 20 dBm
  • TAIWAN: 22 dBm
  • AUSTRALIA: 22 dBm


  1. Yes country setting has an effect on Max permitted TX power
  2. As Spain is in the EU and the EU allows a max of 20 dBm EIRP (TXpower + Antenna gain), then that would imply that OpenWrt has knowledge of the antenna gain in the UAP-LR (3 dBi by the way) AND OpenWrt is displaying EIRP; not raw TX power input to the antenna?????
  3. The UAP-LR datasheet from the manufacturer shows max. TX Power = 27 dBm. Not clear if this is EIRP, or raw TX. So that means max EIRP is either 27 or 30 dBm.
  4. The max TX Power in OpenWrt is only 22 dBm. If that is raw TX power, the EIRP max = 25 dBm. Where is the missing 2 dBm?. If that is EIRP, then where is the missing 5 dBm?

All scenarios say that OpenWrt is not able to get the same output power as the manufactuer's specs.

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