Ubiquiti Nanobeam AC Gen2

Does anyone know more about these? I found this page but it has few details.

I have several Nanobeam M5-16 installed running OpenWrt. I really like their form factor and radio performance. Now I need to buy a few more and it makes sense to move up from n wireless and 10/100 network to a gigabit AC device.

The original Nanobeam AC (NBE-AC-16) should run Nanostation AC Loco builds (Ubiquity NanoBeam 5AC available for testing), but it seems to be discontinued and no longer available at retail. The new Gen2 version has a significant hardware difference in that it has two Ethernet ports instead of one. This likely makes it impossible to just drop in an existing firmware. Having the Ethernet become unusable is basically a brick here since the case is glued shut preventing a serial connection.

So my question is has any development been done with the Gen2?

just go with it and drop it. in worst case (no eth port functional) you can recover from u-boot's tftp

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