Ubiquiti Loco AC maximum possible speed

I mention that I acquired a LOCO AC and installed openwrt, with the aim of connecting to a 5ghz link of 500mb, when linking the LOCO AC in client mode (being only centimeters away from both devices), I only managed to get between 95-102 mb, Will it be possible to achieve higher speed? Any configuration that you recommend?


What device is the other side of the link? What are the MCSs? Separate the units by at least several meters so they aren't overloading the receivers with RF. Also how are you testing the speed? Running iperf on the CPE itself will be a false low result, because iperf requires a lot of CPU.

the other device is a huawei eg8m8145v. If I connect to that device with iPhone I get to 500mb.
Separate them 10 meters, and the result is the same.
The test is done with speedtest.net
What are the MCSs?I do not understand?

Thank you!

On the main status page, scroll down to Associated Stations and look at the data rates on the right.

Will there be any configuration that improves performance and can get higher speed?