Ubiquiti Bullet M5 - need help with model support

I have an unmarked Ubiquity grey older model Titanium M5HP and I don't know if Openwrt will work on it or not. The M5 radio supposedly works 5Ghz a/n; will any of the Openwrt images work with this device? (It's a bullet model but I've found that doesn't mean so much since there seem to be 6-8 in this range and not sure if the new ones even work in the wifi g/n protocals and instead use their AirMAX protocols which from all I can find mean they work point to point and don't interface with regular wifi devices. Thanks

On further research the model is a Ubiquity BM5-Ti . I don't know if it is supported by openWRT because the page here speaks of xm and an xw and I don't see those designations in any of the Ubiquity bullet documentation online.

***** I also found this information:

And in this there is also no mention of a model Ubiquity BM5-Ti