UBI installer for Linksys e8450/Belkin RT 3200

I moved to OpenWRT specifically for DFS... It was a big headache getting 5 WAPs up and running with the ability to distribute VLANs concurrently on Linksys WRT3200ACMs. I know there is and probably will be a driver issue with the Marvell chipset going forward (ie the switch issue with linux 5.10). So I've looked at the Linksys e8450/Belkin RT 3200 with the MediaTek chipset. I don't use OpenWRT as a router, I only use it for WAPs and need the wan port reassigned to the switch for back-haul and 4 ports for the VLAN distribution to remote locations.

I've found several whitepapers and videos regarding the use of a UBI installer to change the memory structure and allow the use of stable OpenWRT releases to be loaded. All sounds good.

My question is: Is this just a one way conversion? Can you ever revert back to stock/OEM frimware? I don't know that I would ever need to do that for my use, but eventually I'll probably want to move to WiFi-7 hardware at some point and it would be nice to be able to put the factory software back on the e8450s to sell them when the time comes.

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It’s possible to sell devices with OpenWrt installed and reset to defaults.

You can revert back to stock, as long as you've made a backup first https://github.com/dangowrt/owrt-ubi-installer#restoring-the-vendorofficial-firmware

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Thanks, Sam.
I'll archive that and hand onto it.