Two routers forwarding to an SDN controller


I have 2 Lede routers, both set up as wi-fi access points in the same network (router1: , router2: I have both of them connected to a Ryu controller via an openvswitch. The Ryu controller is running on my laptop (
My problem is that the controller only recieves packets from the router that it is connected to via Wi-Fi. I might be naive in thinking this but I thought the controller would recieve packets from both routers as they are on the same network and can reach each other.

Thanks for your help

If you have your laptop connected via wifi to router A and router B wants to send to your laptop, what is the physical mechanism you imagine router B would use?

Thank you for your response.
Sorry. My set up is I connect the laptop to one of the routers (so that it can be part of the network).
Both routers are connected to the laptop via an ethernet cable (one directly to ethernet port on the laptop and the other connected via a usb ethernet adapter).
Am I approaching this all wrong?
I am still relatively new to all these technologies

Aha, ok, I see how you're going about this now. So the laptop has an ethernet connection to each router. However, you only mention one IP address for your laptop. Since router 2 has a totally independent connection to the laptop, it's probably the case you have a routing issue.

what are the IP addresses on your laptop's two ethernet interfaces? You mention only one. Are those two interfaces bridged and the bridge has one IP?

Okay I think I'm understanding a lot more.
Laptop IP's for:
Ethernet connection to router 1 =
Ethernet connection to router 2 =
WiFi connection to any router =

Router 1 IP =
Router 2 IP =

These 2 interfaces are not bridged. I will look in to how to do this.

What the overall goal of the network is to have 2 routers access points, both routers can forward packets to the controller. Both routers have openvswitch on them so to act as a bridge to forward the packets to the controller.

Thanks again fot your help

Ok, somewhere in openvswitch you configure which IP address to send the control packets to. In router 1 tell it to send to in router 2 tell it to send to

See if that works as a first step.

I tried that there but unfortunately the result is the same. The controller only receives packets from one router even though it says in network settings that both are connected. When I disconnect the router that is forwarding the packets to the controller the controller then begins to receive the packets from the other router

ryu must also listen on both ip addresses and accept 2 connections. I don't know if that is really possible? Perhaps you need to run two ryu instances?

Yeah I tried that as well but I don't think it is possible to listen on 2 IP addresses as it only listens to whatever connection it is connected to. If you try and run 2 instance's the second instance doesn't start as there is a clash. Thanks for the help, I think I'll just forget about it as I don't know if it's possible. Thank you again

I don't know too much about Ryu, but probably you can't run the second instance because it tries to listen on the same port as the first instance. If you tell the second Ryu to listen on a different port... and then tell router 2 to connect to that port... it could help.

The intention of the little project was to have 1 central SDN controller so even if I did get it working with 2 controllers it wouldn't really suit what I was going for. Again, thank you so much for your help. I will post here again if I find a solution.

Yeah, it seems like a real problem if Ryu only is able to listen to a single SDN switch, perhaps reading more about Ryu would help. Please let me know if you figure it out, I'd like to know what is possible today with typical SDN software.