Two OpenWrt TimeMachine Avahi Config issue?

I have followed the openwrt timemachine guide ( to install on a WRT3200ACM and WRT32x device. One device is to be used by my wife and the other by me. Unfortunately, I am seeing only one device on the network at a time; the primary router which provides internet for the network is displayed. If I stop avahi-daemon service on the primary router, the second device can be seen on the network in Apple's Time Machine interface and accessed. I have performed an avahi-browse for the _afpovertcp._tcp service and I am only able to see one time capsule server at a time.

I am a rather stumped and any help would be appreciated.

oldwiki is pretty old... is all your hardware / software circa LEDE days ( 2017 )?

find a newer guide me thinks ( smb4 etc.? )

I found a newer guide: It is virtually identical to the oldwiki. I am still having the same issue where the Time Machine is not seeing the second device. I have confirmed a similar issue when I perform an avahi-browse command.

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I have performed some additional digging and enabled logging for the avahi daemon. It appears I am getting a hostname conflict when for the second device and the hostname is retried with a number increment. This issue appears to be document at