Two IPs showing up on WAN Port

Installed OpenWRT for the first time today. Setup went pretty smooth. My configuration is as follows from my router to modem.

1900ACS running DHCP on router side > TPLink CPE710 on WAN Port > connected in client mode to WAVLink Wing 12m > connected to LAN Port on RV Park Modem.

The Modem is set to DHCP with a range of .50 to .250. The Wavlink AP and the CPE710 are on the same subnet as the Modem with static IP addresses below .50.

Everything seems to working great. I looked on the routing table in Open WRT and noticed that is on the WAN port, which is correct, but there is also a I did not assign .34 to anything and its outside the scope of IP addresses for DHCP from the modem.

I cannot figure out this address on Wan Port. It seems the only way it can exist is if someone in the park is running a static IP and connected to the Wavlink AP. Why is it showing up on my WAN port? Freaking me out really. Any help appreciated.

Collect the diagnostics and post it to redacting the private parts:

ubus call system board; uci show network; uci show dhcp; uci show firewall; \
ip neigh show; ip address show; ip route show table all; ip rule show
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No idea if I did this right. I may have xxx out some info that did not need to be xxx out. Don't think I shared correctly but there it is.

It looks normal, except for that host.

You can try to ping and scan the host by IP:

Or capture any traffic related to it:

The mac for the host is 5A:CC:6A:55:92:53. I tried a mac address lookup and it returned nothing. Here is the tracert result.
1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms OpenWrt.lan []
2 564 ms 6 ms 7 ms GhostAddress.lan []

So I just spotted another address that I have to question. Its not showing on my WAN, but is showing up on the modems client list and is also outside the DHCP scope. with mac address B0:72:BF:3A:A9:C6. A search on that Mac address shows a company called Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and they make a POE adapter. I do have two POE adapters in the loop but don't think they would show up as a device.