Two gateways in the same subnet

Hey, guys. I've installed a router with openwrt inside my network. I would like to configure two different access points (wlan), with different SSID, to connect to the internet through two different providers as well. In short, I have two gateways on the same network. I am not able to make the configuration to make the direction to the gateways. Always, the last interface I configure is the default gateway. And both connections go out through that same gateway.

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You'll need a load balancer, or similar, if you want to use them simultaneously.


If you're trying to send specific traffic through a specific gateway based on conditions of your choosing, your magic Google search terms are "policy based routing".

See for starters.

Edit: Ah. If you're trying to load-balance or bond, then the previous respondents' replies might be more suitable than this one. Still PBR might be of interest depending on your needs.


Thanks for the answers.
In fact, I wouldn't want to do a balance or failover. Just fix gateway 1 to wlan1 and gateway 2 to wlan2.

This would be policy based routing, then.


Or set the clients to use different GWs based on custom settings in the DHCP, on MAC address basis or interface.

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