Two DHCP Server conflict TP Link C2600 & TP Vr600v


Modem & Router: TP Link VR600v @ current Firmware (DHCP active,default IP
Router: TP Link AC2600 @ OpenWrt 18.06.01(DHCP on WAN active: IP
So far i understand that you cannot use two DHCP Server without the Right Settings.
My current Setup isnt working when i connect my Modem (Lan) to the WAN of the Router.
If i connect My Modem via Lan to a Lan port of my Router it works, but i cannot Access my router anymore ( of Course because they have the same ip adress) but this way i cant use SQM.

I already tried to use the Router as a dumb AP. Doesnt work, as soon as i try to Change the IP of my Router in Openwrt i cant Access to the router anymore and Openwrt is letting me dismiss my Changes.

I also tried Client Device - Connecting to an existing Network which also ends with me having no Access anymore so i have to turn off/on the router.

I dont understand why i cant even Change the IP of my Openwrt Router.
Thanks for any help!

In order for SQM to work properly, all of your users (wired and wireless) have to go through the SQM. So you have to treat the VR600 as a modem only, and run everyone through the AC2600.

There are two major ways to do this. The simplest one for beginners is the so-called "double NAT" arrangement, where you leave the modem/router's router function active, but don't use it for much.

Before connecting the OpenWrt box to any network, change its IP to You cannot route between two networks that have the same IP range. An alternative is to change the LAN in the modem/router to something else. Either way you can't have them conflicting in the same range.

Turn off the wifi in the VR600. Plug the WAN port of the AC2600 into the VR600. Plug all your LAN devices into the AC2600. Do not connect anything to the VR600 other than the WAN of the other router. The only thing the VR600 will be doing is converting to DSL.

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