Two alternative keys for ssid?

I have an gl-inet router in repeater mode: it gets its internet connection via WiFi and shares it with 1-3 clients through ethernet. This works great on my desk. However, soon the router will be placed "somewhere else", and I will not have physical access to it (but gl-inet devices have great remote access).

Every now and then I will be notified that the password for the ssid used to access the internet will change. How can I configure the router to have two alternative passwords to try? Because after the password has changed, I have completely lost access to the router.

(I know the router can automatically try different known ssids, but this case is different: only one known ssid, and its password changes "sometime soon".)

Thanks for any pointers.

are you using openwrt or gl.inets version of openwrt ?

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At the moment I have tried gl-inets own firmware. Is there a way to achieve what I need with openwrt?

Look into "travelmate" package.