Twitch Adblock

Is there a way to block/minimise twitch ads, I pay for prime but they are getting insane with the ads now.


  • Add the advertisement domain to /etc/adblock/adblock.blacklist or on web GUI
  • Restart Adblock

You could also report the domain to one of the blocklist maintainers you download from.

from what I see, the only 'working' method for no ads on is using a browser with ublock-origin, no other adblock would work
tried: pihole & openwrt's adblock, phone/android tv and loading streams through a media player still show ads

If they serve the ads on the same domain as Twitch, site and content - then it's not possible to use a domain-based blocker. It would have nothing to do with application used. You haven't provided that [domain] information yet.

If you have something like NoScript, it will show you the exact domain name that was blocked. I've tried to test; but I' haven't seen an advertisement on Twitch yet (no, I'm not using Adblock on this machine/connection).

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Thanks chaps no problem, just one of those quality of life problems I was going to try and remedy.

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Any updates?
I've tried to add: