Tutorial: OpenWrt configuration for router + dumb access points with Ansible playbook for centralised management

An OpenWRT configuration for a network with a single router and multiple wireless access points. The network has the following characteristics:

  • One router, multiple dumb access points.
  • One SSID across both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • One SSID across router and all access points.
  • Fast switching/handover between access points.
  • Access points can be daisy-chained to other access points.
  • A wired connection to a computer can be attached to the router or each access point.
  • As much as possible rely on DHCP, no static IP addresses.
  • Each device can use its Internet port to connect upstream, all other LAN ports remain available.

Full description and Ansible playbook at https://github.com/danielvijge/openwrt-configuration-ansible