Turris Omnia, Openwrt 18.06.2, VLANs

Let me start by describing what I am trying to achieve.

I am using a Turris Omnia router and Mullvad VPN which uses IPv6. I am trying to set up an Android TV box that does not use IPv6 but IPv4 only. I have an Nvidia Shield that allows me to turn off IPv6 but my Android TV box has no such option. I thought that if I set up a separate VLAN for the Android TV box that I could turn off IPv6 for that device only. I would still want the Android TV box to use the Mullvad VPN and be able to connect with the rest of the network.

I tried to set up a VLAN using the example on the Turris Omnia website, but it bricked my router which I brought back to life using a serial cable.

I think it bricked my router because the Openwrt firmware does not support the eth1 switch configuration which it explains on this page. I see the explanation on that page regarding VLANs on Turris Omnia routers with Openwrt firmware but cannot make sense of how to configure the router. I looked on the internet for VLAN information but could not understand how to use switches, ports and tagged vs untagged to accomplish my desired result.

Could someone please point me to an example or explanation that will help me achieve the desired result?

Thanks in advance.


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Did you notice that eth1 and eth2 are swapped when comparing Turis Omni and standard openwrt on the two pages? Which means you can't use eth2 when translating the Turis Omni configuration to standard openwrt, and eth1 is renamed to eth2.

if the router uses DSA instead of swconfig than the manuals are not going to work because those are based on swconfig.

Hi mikma:

I didn't notice that. Will try to get my head around it and see about using the examples with this new information.


Hi n8v8r;

How can I tell? is there something I can type in at the command line to let me know?



query the kernel parameters

gzip -cd /proc/config.gz | grep DSA

and if is display like this


then DSA is in play and you may want to read DSA switch port tagging management

It seems I don't have the file:

root@OpenWrt:~# gzip -cd /proc/config.gz | grep DSA
gzip: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory

Does this mean its not DSA?

Probably the file is just in a different location a/o format

Hi n8v8R:

root@OpenWrt:/# find /proc -iname config

yields nothing.

Should I be looking elsewhere?


OpenWrt usually doesn't enabled CONFIG_IKCONFIG, at least not statically, (for RAM/ flash size reasons), you may be able to install kmod-ikconfig (which splits out this functionality into a dedicated kernel module) or have to check your target's kernel config in the source.


I think for OpenWrt (and the OEM FW) DSA is enabled for this target; with the noted shortcoming.


If DSA is enabled, does that mean that I can't follow the VLAN examples here and here adjusted for what mikma mentioned above? I can at least make some sense of them.

I have browsed through

and found it fairly difficult to comprehend.

I am an accountant by profession but will wade through the link from n8v8R if required.



This is the kernel config for your device (target) and DSA is enabled.

That is correct since the code is not applicable with DSA.