Turning a Z83 Mini PC into an OpenWrt router

I'm thinking of turning a Z83 Mini PC into an OpenWrt router. Just wondered if anyone had attempted such a thing before or could suggest how easy it would be to do

As long as the BIOS/ UEFI allows disabling secure-boot, that should be easy. For practical purposes you'd still need to add a second ethernet card via USB3, so you'd effectively be in the same game as the RPi4 users.

Yes, technically the second ethernet interface can be deferred to a managed switch, but that's a more complex and inferior strategy.

I don't actually have an RPi4 but do have a Z83, and the idea is to turn into simply into an Internet gateway via USB. Currently, Windows 10 is installed in flash memory and I would prefer to replace it with OpenWrt. Don't really know how to do this.

Don't even need to install it on the existing drive, but use an uSD card, or flash drive.

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How do I prepare an SD card to boot from it?

Can I simply dd an OpenWrt image?


besides what wulfy23 posted, it's also in the wiki link provided.