TTL commands for asus please convert it for open wrt

There was a YouTuber who did a tutorial to get unrestricted hotspot speeds with Verizon or T-Mobile
The 2nd command works fine on open I just need help with 1st and 3rd commands.
nano /jffs/scripts/nat-start is the first command it seems it is a directory command.
chmod a+rx /jffs/scripts/* is the third command it seems it is a permission command.
The source of problem it seems to be something to do with JFFS partitions.

nano is a text editor, it opens a file for editing. OpenWrt has vi instead by default.
chmod command changes file access permission, a+rx means to give every user access to read and execute scripts from the aforementioned directory.

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Thank you so much, is there a possibility you could tell me a openwrt alternative to these Asus directories so i can mark you as a solution

There seems to be no exact alternative, but if the script has to run at boot, it could be put in /etc/rc.local though it's not OpenWrt alternative, it's just standard location for custom boot scripts.

But as far as I see the script is adding a custom firewall rule so maybe /etc/config/firewall or even firewall.user as per

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Are you running Asus firmware or regular official OpenWrt? There is no /jffs directory in OpenWrt, thus you can't put a file there.

I think with OpenWrt the hook into the system is /etc/firewall.user where you would add the iptables command. The OpenWrt wiki should also have some notes about changing TTL.

The nano editor is available as a package in OpenWrt. opkg update && opkg install nano.

@professorIsaac, welcome to the community!

You simply need to craft the proper rules as @mk24 noted.

But please be advised, theft of service is a crime in most nations, so it's actually against the Community Guidelines to show you an in-depth - how to circumvent your carrier's service restrictions like this.


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  1. In most of the world except the USA includes unthrottled tethering data.
  2. Even though net net netruality has been revoked,there is no federal law banning hotspot apps for android also, it maybe illegal to get tethering on your phone but unrestricting it is not.
  3. Anyways this is not hidden completely they can still I’m using cellular data I’m not bypassing the data cap or I’m not using a limited plan.
  4. People can be kicked from the data plan but if you go 5 mph over the speed limit there not gonna notice. I’m not fighting with you or even suggesting it for you I’m just trying to make a point to you.
  1. This isn't an issue outside the US, then (you know, you can also simply inform us that you're are not in the US)
  2. There are terms of services by carriers, and outside of terms is...theft :wink: ...and not sure how Net Neutrality is related to this
  3. I understand it's altering hotspot packets to have clients appear to be the phone, that's the point - I can only surmise you wish to do this because you have a No Paid Hotspot Plan
  4. I didn't get point 4, I guess you're relaying a "what they don't see won't hurt them" philosophy? I'm just getting too old to start fresh journeys to prison, personally.

Good, then I think you should find decent information at the link to the other thread in my last post - as discussions that tend to violate service terms or laws (or offering instructions on how to configure OpenWrt to do so) are generally not allowed - per the guidelines.

Remember when you answered somebody wanting to change 65 ttl he is trying to do the same thing

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  • Now, if you're not in the US, write the iptables rule
  • Done!
  • (BTW, re read the thread, it wasn't me)
  • If you read the thread (as it seems), you have your solution :smiley:

(You don't have to blab so loud about it, LOL, jk - enjoy.)

It’s not working watch the video and see if I can anything else