Trying to test OpenMPTCProuter on OpenWrt

I have an image for a 64bit pc. i can get it to boot and it sees the connections, and i can log into it and move ab out the settings interface.

I am trying to test something to see if it might work for me in a better way.

Right now i have 2 different cellphones and i am trying to combine them to test with just a computer to see if i can get it working and how well. VZW iphone, and ATT android (oneplus) - i jsut want to "bond" and test before i buy something dedicated. anyway in the setup it tells me to set ip addresses static on the "modems" but i do not know anyway to do that. is there another option?


Load balancing and failover can be done with multiple independent network connections. But bonding is something entirely different and requires that the isp configures their end to perform this function. It will not be possible to bond connections from two different carriers, and it is doubtful that you would even be able to bond cellular connections with consumer accounts.

It is possible and has been documented, but load balancing is fine for my use. i cant even get a connection at all.

OpenMPTCProuter is a great software based on OpenWrt and MPTCP kernel.
But the support is limited to a number of devices only.

I used openmptcprouter for months before moving to my customized builds. For my usage, openmptcprouter was heavily bloated which caused the device to reboot frequently.

I am currently using a fork of openwrt with mptcp along with MPTCP enabled kernel in a VPS hosted in DigitalOcean.

Here is the github repo:

Test results in MT7621 Netgear R6220:

In you current implementation, are you connecting your iPhone and OnePlus via USB tethering?

I was in fact connected with USB tethering to a Laptop, just for the purposes of testing. I dont want to buy any hardware if I cannot get it to work, or it won't do what I need in testing.
I had a second laptop connected via Ethernet, and I could get to the setup and all that but no internet. I do not know what to do with the phones as I cant set the IP that I am aware of.

I remember reading someone comment on Verizon Wireless not supporting MPTCP.

I would suggest you open an issue in openmptcprouter github repo.

i saw that, it seemed more like that was for feature requests and bugs, than helping with setup, so i looked for a forum. I will go back there i guess. Thanks for the info!