Trying to set up proxy client in LuCI (GL iNet Opal)


I am in need of some help as this is not my forte.

I have GL iNet Opal and Beryl AX
Both have LuCI with Tinyproxy and Squid.

My goal is to add a proxy to the routers so that all traffic that goes through the router goes through the proxy.

I will greatly appreciate if anyone can do a step by step guide on how to do this assuming that I am dumb and that I have 0 knowledge. That way I don't have to come back with stupid questions.

I have a proxy that allows connections using a whitelist ip. The information I have about my proxy is IP:Port

Please help finding this solution.

Kind regards


As the Opal will never be supported by stock Openwrt, may I recommend posting this in the gl.inet forums.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I did it already.
But I still have the Beryl AX which is supported as far as I know.
But I am trying to do it with LuCI which is a DDWRT mod as I understand it.

So you are running Vanilla Openwrt on the Beryl AX?

gsocket may help on combination with wg

thanks for the help, what is wg?

wireguard. gsocket is free socket bouncer.

i was able to do it using openvpn server and client but it was extremely slow since the traffic had to go from here to open server then to proxy and back.
The way you are suggesting works differently?

essentially same, another way it to use whatever nat traversal is possible like upnpc natpmpc and open port, then add it to ddns.