Trying to get the AWUS036ACH working :D

Hello folks,

I am new here and new to OpenWrt. Actually I haven't even used it yet :v, but I'm getting things ready.

I have here AWUS036ACH and I have been told that this adapter is not stable in OpenWrt. My question is, should I look for a wifi router that supports this adapter or it does not depend on the router?

If it depends on the router, would please suggest a router that is compatible with this adapter.
If it does not depend on the router, I have the " Lenovo Newifi Mini Y1 " in the list to purchase, is it a good router or not and do you recommend it ?

Thanks in adv~

Outside Kali Linux this specific device is a real hard work to get working on any Linux device.
But it isn’t a ordinary wifi device either!

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Thanks for your reply,
Can't agree more flygarn, it is unstabel and in the same time it's quite powerful.
What can you say about its compabilty with the mentioned router?

I haven’t tried so I can’t really say much for the router.

I have tried both in Ubuntu and Mint to get it working just to get simple AC speed for wifi and I haven’t succeeded yet and google help isn’t giving much positive feedback.

Seems that all have the same problem?

I guess you could try if you find some drivers that fits both openwrt and the wifi chip, if it works it works…

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I will do that as soon as I get my router ...
Thanks for your help flygarn <3

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