Trying to get more info on a "logserver" binary on lantiq (Phicomm)

I know this may not be the best place to ask as I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to do with OpenWrt, but I'm not sure where else to go. I had a Phicomm K3C router sitting around and decided to look at it more closely. The first thing I didn't recognize was a "logserver" process running that was listening on port 2008/tcp. The full path of the binary is /opt/lantiq/bin/logserver. I did find the package that it belongs to:

root@K3C:~# opkg search /opt/lantiq/bin/logserver
ltq-wlan-wave_5_x -

root@K3C:~# opkg info ltq-wlan-wave_5_x
Package: ltq-wlan-wave_5_x
Depends: libc, libssp, kmod-lantiq-wlan-wave-support_5_x, ltq-wlan-wave_5_x-rflib, FEATURE_WIRELESS, FEATURE_WIRELESS_WAVE300, kmod-lantiq_directconnect_support, libnl3, libpthread, librt
Status: install user installed
Architecture: lantiq
Installed-Time: 1505975960

So it's related to the wifi chip? I can't find any documentation on logserver. I was hoping someone here would know what it is, what it does, and if there's any source code available.

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I don't suppose anyone knows of source code for this...

I did find out that the ASUS Blue Cave router also uses "logserver." I found the Merlin firmware for that and the file system seems to indicate that it's proprietary:

$ find bluecave-asuswrt-master/ -iname "*logserver*"